"They Laughed When I
Told Them The Bait I Used -
But When I Showed
Them My Catch..."

For a person who loves fishing, getting laughed at is often a part of life.
From family to friends to colleagues at work, everybody makes fun of them when after spending a whole day by the water and weeks or even months preparing for it, they return empty-handed without landing any fish.
Although most fishing-loving people take fishing as an excellent past time and a real test of patience such as in a game of chess, a no-catch is a huge disappointment. More than anything else, they often find themselves at a loss about how to face people when they go back home with nothing to show. Their "pain" is real...

Dear Friend,

Now imagine this - Next Sunday, you quietly sneak out with your fishing accessories and a bag of home-made fish bait that you're going to try for the first time acting on a tip by one close friend, and park yourself by the lake...

Your rod's out and your eyes fixed on the float, you suddenly feel there's some movement and you pull up the line with the characteristic swiftness of a professional angler...and wow!...there's a big trout down there hooked to your line...

After you've bagged your net and settled down once again with focus on the float, you notice that flutter again ...the pull...and this time it's a salmon!

Next, it's a muskellunge...

And when you're thinking to pack up after a great day, you trap a largemouth bass!

When you're back home after an unprecedented catch in recent times, people all around are hugging you and pestering you to tell them your secret for such fabulous catch.

And when you tell them that it is salmon eggs treated with some borax powder that you used for the first time today as home-made fish bait that returned this unexpected catch, you'll find very few takers and more admirers (of your fishing skills).

Earlier they used to laugh when you told them about the bait you were using; now you are laughing .


Now, if all this sounds to be too good to be true, you must read on because it's very possible that your returns from fishing are about to change completely for the better.

Fishing is very simple and everyone can do it . However, it has one uncertainty - you're pitted against an elusive creature. It's a game where you don't know who the opponent is. Okay, it's a fish; but you don't know whether it is a catfish or a flathead or a roach or a chub or a bluegill or a carp. Fishes too are choosy about their nibbling stuff. So, unless you know what attracts them best, you'll never be able to land a decent fish. All your effort, time and money will go waste. And you'll have people around, laughing at your failure!

Having said this, let's take a quick look why people fail to net fish quite often:

1. The baits that are used lack a natural presentation : Fish are creatures of habit. They learn early in life to live in a specific environment and to be wary of anything that looks different. Your bait or lure must fool fish into thinking it's the real thing. This generally does not happen in most of the cases.   

2. The depth where the fish can be and the strength of the tide are not assessed properly : Depending on water temperature, habitat preferences, food choices and their availability and other factors, fish can prefer to stay in deep or shallow waters. Moreover, their movements are related to stage of the tide. Most often, no catch situation is due to ignorance of these factors.

3. Too much noise in the fishing area : Once a fish feels your presence or senses that an unknown entity has entered its realm, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch it. Even in deep water a stealthy approach pays big dividends and it is paramount in shallow water and along shore lines. If you're not following this, it's all gone.

4. Instead of the reel, the rod is made the primary hook setting tool : Many anglers have the tendency to yank back on the rod the instant they feel a bite or witness a strike. Far too often this results in missed fish. Rod holder boasts a higher hook-up rate than most anglers, and they don't even move.

5. The weather and condition of the water are not properly studied : Old anglers - old not necessarily in years but in practice - show consistently good results envied by their less experienced fellows by meticulously following this. The careful study of weather and the condition of the water are the real key to successful angling .

6. Fish behavior, in terms of understanding when and why fish bite is not clear : Those anglers who do not bother with this aspect of fishing may strip to the waist and cast their lines in calm and clear water on a lovely sunny day but, apart from enjoying the sunshine and catching the odd shark, may land nothing worthwhile.

7. Fishing tackle and rods and reels in particular are not properly maintained : Many bites are not successfully converted to lands if these accessories are not properly maintained such as cleaning after every outing, checking for damages or defects, oiling and balancing (for the tackle) etc.

8. The bait collection and its presentation are not good enough : It is important to use good-quality bait and to present it correctly. The golden rule is the fresher the bait the better; Moreover, the lure or bait has to be presented in a manner that the fish will find most natural and attractive.

9. The *rules* of the game are not followed : Fishing tactics vary across water bodies. There are separate *rules* for pond fishing, river fishing, upstream fishing, fall river fishing, strip mine or quarry fishing, shoreline fishing, sea fishing etc. If these are not properly followed, it can be an empty-handed return from a fishing outing.

10. Correct fishing knot selection, knot tying and casting techniques are not followed properly : The importance of selecting the correct knots and tying them property cannot be overemphasized. It is surprising how often one hears anglers discussing how a record fish was lost because the line broke. Apart from this, the ability to cast far and accurately is very important.

Well, these are some of the most important factors why a fishing outing can become a damp affair.

Thankfully, you can now be a 'sure-shot' expert in fishing, be it any variety of fish or any type of water body...

Are you ready to discover the secrets that most successful anglers and fishing fanatics use to catch heaps of choicest fish without wasting Your time and money?


Locating fish and attracting fish are the two most important skills that you must adopt if you're keen about netting big catches every time you go out fishing.

Finding springs and foams patches and watching birds are good tips for locating fish, but you have to know the procedure. And, anyone who fishes extensively knows the value of using fish attractors to improve their catching ability. Attractors such as scented oils, flashers, chum, and so forth have worked over the years and can give excellent results to you too.

However, you have to know the tricks...

Remember, anybody can go for fishing, but pulling up a good catch is always not everybody's cup of tea.

Some of the deadliest of fishing strategies are about to come your way...

•  Where to fish when spring comes?

•  How to use crank baits for great results?

•  Where to use cane pole fishing for huge catches?

•  How to fish in larger bodies of water using slow forward trolling technique?

•  How to set the hook?

•  How to play with the catch?

•  How to reel in the catch?

•  What to do to prevent losing a fish when it jumps?

•  How to land a fish?

•  How to string a catch and keep it live and fresh for long?

These and many, many more...

If you ask any veteran angler, he will immediately tell you that the real success about a great catch invariable lies in carefully chosen fish bait.

That's the ultimate thing that will lure the fish into biting and get hooked!

The subject of fish baits is vast in content and diversity, to say very briefly. Fresh bait, frozen bait, live bait, salt water fish baits, baits for fishing in daylight, "shinners' or shining baits, fresh water fish baits, homemade fish baits, skip baits, soft bodied fish baits...the list is amazingly long and unending.

Apart from conventional baits, highly successful anglers use personalized recipes to trap fish.

Take a look at this one shared by a veteran angler:

"I have been fishin' all my life and have really loved to catch catfish. Me and my dad came up with this secret catfish recipe that I'm sharing. It is guaranteed to catch all types of catfish; especially blues.

Buy liver and sun-dry for a day then put in container, add water to fill it up, then add salt these methods will toughen the liver up. Then next day pour water out of container and add a pinch of Thai peppers and Thai fish sauce. Mix it up. Do not grind or blend just mix it like a salad. Let it marinate for a few hours and you're ready to fish. This is a really dangerous cat fishing bait. Get them all!!"

Paul Panich - Woodbridge, VA


Then there are special bates such as hermit crab, rag worm, lugworm, white rag worm, Peeler crab, mackerel, squid, sandreels, black lug, razor fish, shrimp, herring, eels, Night Crawlers, Angleworm, leeches, frogs, crayfish, grasshoppers, crickets, dough balls and a plethora of marine worms, which are ideal for trapping particular species of fish.  

Now what about coming to know of tens and hundreds of such exclusive baits that will return you mind-blowing catches every time you go out to fish?

Then there are maverick fishing techniques ...

•  Getting the best catch from fishing rips.

•  Using green or brown cabbage bait.

•  Using green weed as bait.

•  How to use live prawns as bait?

•  Using Berley to attract fish.

•  What about worms as bait?

•  How to use live bait bridle, live bait dorsal fin rig and live bait nose rig.

And many, many other similar *killer* ways and means to land targeted catch.

Yes, I can feel your pulse and understand that you're dying to know these never-before revealed secrets about catching fish.  

Finally, it's here for you...

The most important things that you could ever know about fishing now come to you in one-of-a-kind e-book complete with closely-guarded secret recipes, absolutely irresistible homemade fish baits, fishing strategies, things to check out when you go fishing, different types of live and natural baits, fishing techniques and sure-to-work tips on how to attract fish and haul amazing catches not once, not twice but almost every time when you're by the water...

"Home-made Fish Baits"

And this e-book is my humble contribution to the fishing-loving community so that they seldom return empty-handed from fishing outing and become the subject of fun by people who do not appreciate the spirit of this great game.

Why Fish-baits are so important?

Fishing is easy and anyone can do it. But, the secret to a good catch lies in carefully choosing the right bait.

Bait can be of many types and it varies from fish to fish. In fact, baits are an important part of the fishing puzzle.

Generally, using of baits depends on what kind of fish you hope to catch. Minnows are good for some. There are other small bait fish that people catch and use. Some people use lures. Marlins sometimes tend to like albacore. Many fish will go for "shinners" or large minnows that reflect light when they swim. Shrimps are good in some conditions; sometimes you can even catch something with a piece of hotdog!  

Who Else Would Catch A Mackerel With A Piece Of Cheese?

If you can't decide the bait - which to use when - your whole fishing endeavor is set to come down crumbling.

And, fishes like home-made food (bait) 'garnished' with live toppings!

Fish live in surroundings rich in natural food. They are moody and selective . So, unless they get something really interesting, they are not going to bite. Home-made stuff is tempting for the fish and they easily fall prey to this bait.

"Home-made Fish Baits" e-book reveals everything that you need to know about the best baits for fishing and how to prepare them.

And that's not all. You can also know from this e-book how to hook bait .

Different baits are hooked by different methods. With many soft baits - clams, worms, insects - "bait holder" hooks (with barbs on the hook shank for holding bait) are best. Just remember that certain baits (goldfish, for example) are prohibited in some waters and that bait is not allowed in "lure only" or "fly only" fishing areas.

This e-book will tell you about some of the proven methods for hooking different kind of baits such as worms, insects and other live baits, meal worms and grubs, minnows, crayfish, dough balls, cut bait, clams, mussels and other soft baits, shrimp and grass shrimp.

Aren't you feeling excited? I can tell you that this e-book is some sort of a 'fishing made easy" guidebook. In terms of richness and exclusivity of content, "home-made Fish Baits" e-book is just unparalleled.

Why You Shouldn't Take Your Eyes Off This E-book.

"Home-made Fish Baits" is a must have resource for anybody and everybody who is interested about fishing.

This unique e-book contains a world of amazing information that every person who takes fishing as a sport or profession should know to get the best out of fishing.

The benefits this e-book promise are absolutely mind-blowing:

•  You'll seldom return empty handed from fishing.

•  Your family and friends will always be full of appreciation for you.

•  You'll feel encouraged to do more fishing.

•  You'll not waste time trying things that do not work.

•  You'll stop wasting money on ineffective baits that fish dislike.

•  You'll know the recipes the experts use to haul jaw-dropping catches and be able to replicate them.

•  You'll be able to use common household items and backyard stuff to prepare top-luring baits for the fish to get hooked to your rod by swarms.

•  You'll be able to distinguish tactics that work in fresh water from those that work in salt water plus other valuable tips on fresh-water and salt-water fishing.

•  You'll be able to get a good expose on fishing equipments that will make you better-prepared for amazingly large hauls.

•  You'll be able to take a peek into the real life experiences of the some of the topmost anglers and know from them first-hand the recipes of their outstanding success.

The Magic of Home-made Fish Baits

Do you know that by adding tomato puree, or prune juice, anchovy extract, "Worcester" sauce, soy sauce, gravy or soups, fruit cordials, unusual powdered flavors etc. you can give an altogether different dimension, effects and taste to a conventional bait and almost force the fish into taking a bite?

Also, a simple honey and bread or honey, corn or wheat flour and liquidized sweet corn paste with added salt, sugar and a cheap flavor like vanilla, will catch you many fish.

"Home-made Fish Baits" is a must, must have e-book that will reveal you some of the homemade stuff that make fish crazy to go for the bite and get netted.

Are you ready?



Thinking big is a way of life and this 267-pages e-book will show you how people have thought and lived big with fishing and how you too can emulate them.

Wouldn't you be interested to know...

How to Hook a 43 long, 25 pounds Beastly Pike?

You can read this fascinating account and many other captivating real-life accounts of some of the most adventurous fishing lovers of recent times in this incredible "Home-made Fish Baits" e-book. I'm sure they're going to rip you apart.

This 267-page, path-breaking info-loaded e-book is your best ammo in your fishing arsenal.

Here's a bird's eye view of what this e-book contains:

Description of Fishing

Baits Used

Bait Presentation

Fishing Techniques

Recipes for Home-Made Fish Baits

Reason for using Home-Made Fish Baits

Some Popular Recipes

Tips for Preparing Home-Made Fish Bait

Finding Baits in your Backyard

See What Baits Can Catch


Once you finish reading this e-book completely, you'll never be short of ideas how to trap fish and amaze everybody every time you go out fishing.

When we talk about the fishing experience, we are talking about an outdoor activity that should be a positive experience for all participants. The fishing experience should have a positive effect whether it is a relaxing experience or a challenge or just a fulfillment of a hobby.

Many people fail to relate a pleasurable experience largely due to the high degree of success portrayed on most fishing shows and the lack of practical knowledge that is needed to be successful.

This e-book will arm you with the entire gamut of practical knowledge that you need to be successful in fishing.

Now let there be smiles all the way!

Can You Think Like A Fish?

There are no rules about fishing. As long as you catch fish, you're doing something right.

But people make rules when they fail to catch fish.

They say most salt water fish are caught on the incoming tide and so you should fish the incoming tide. Accepted, fish move into bays, rivers and estuaries on an incoming tide. But people make up these rules, not the fish.

For successful fishing, you must think like a fish and put yourself in its place.

But it's easier said than done. If you do not know what a fish likes or dislikes, how can you ever think like a fish?

"Home-made Fish Baits" reveals all for you, so you're never left fishless again.

And you'll harvest catches beyond your wildest imagination!

Fishing needs some necessary things such as rods- the magic wand, reels-the powerhouse, lines-the link between you and the fish, hooks, sinkers, snaps and swivels, floats, lures, some accessories like tackle boxes, nets and gaffs, waders and boots, rain gear etc. There are other important things that you need to know such as natural signs, water temperatures, habitat, structure and cover and techniques of fish handling, storage and preservation.

This e-book tells you all these things plus many more other things that'll make you one of the most knowledgeable persons on fishing around.

This e-book is the key for you to double, triple or even quad-ripple your catch everytime.

If you love fishing, "Home-made Fish Baits"
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Now, I'll explode a bombshell.

This one-of-a-kind e-book complete with closely-guarded secret recipes, absolutely irresistible homemade fish baits, fishing strategies, things to check out when you go fishing, different types of live and natural baits, fishing techniques and sure-to-work tips on how to attract fish and haul amazing catches not once, not twice but almost every time you go to fish comes to you for only $19.95.

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